Monday, February 8, 2010

An Ode to Galoshes

Dear Galoshes,

You're not that great, you know.  I know I found you abandoned at the end of spring semester at a sorority house, but still.  You provide absolutely no insulation when it's cold out and I'm climbing through mounds of slush and snow.  I have got to wear like three pairs of socks every time I put you on.  You obviously had no idea that 14,000 girls in DC would need you to come through this weekend. 

But damn, you look cute.  So cute that it's almost bearable when I think the snow piles can hold me.  But I cannot walk on water (or snow, apparently) and have endured multiple foot-fulls of snow.

I may be covered in snow for the next two weeks, but at least I look good.



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