Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Find: Cabin Fever Edition

We'd love to go thrift shopping right now.  We'd also love to go check out some great shops in the area.

But unless you've been living under a very warm rock, you're aware that it looks like this outside:

So nothing's really open.

Cabin fever is setting in, as there are eBay packages to send, errands to be done, and we can only lay in bed with this guy for so long:

His marathon napping makes us sleepy.

Since venturing out is verboten, it's time to take a look back at one of my favorite finds:

I found this little black dress toward the end of the summer and knew it would be perfect to hold onto until the fall.  Remember when there weren't piles of snow on the ground and we could go out with bare shoulders?  Those were the days.  My favorite accessory to complete this outfit is a bobby pin with a black satin bow attached to it.  The finishing touch!  The dress looks horribly wrinkled in this photo, but a little smoothing and good posture fixes that right up.

The Look: Little Black Dress
Label: Bebe
Location: Value Village, Hyattsville
Likewise: Anything goes.  I tend to stick with a sparkly silver bag and shoes (they match, holy cow), but don't be afraid to add some satiny color to complete the look!

A few more DC snowpocalypse photos after the jump, then it's back to shoveling for us!

In this last photo, you see the view from my second floor living room window.  A small porch roof is right out this window, but there is no roof to be seen today--just a mountain of snow.  The cat is confused!

Stay warm, kiddos.


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