Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Field Trip: New York City Edition

MC took us to NYC for Valentine's Day, where a good time was had by all.  We'd love to say we went to Fashion Week and sat in the third row to see all the top designers, but alas, we could only stand outside the Bryant Park tents and gawk.  Maybe next year.  While we explored the city, we happened upon one of the many, many vintage stores.  It wouldn't be right if we didn't share what we found!

Hamlet's Vintage
162 Bleecker Street
New York, New York 10012

That would be MC and our lovely tour guide in the photo, breezing by a rack of $20 coats so they could rush into the store.

Hamlet's Vintage is a hipster's dream, and I loved rifling through the racks.  Their Web site advertised a sale on flannel shirts, and they weren't kidding.  You all know I love the young lumberjack look.  This was a place to try it out!

I balked at a few of the price tags I saw, but I reminded myself: this is New York.  This is not Value Village.  All the hard work has been done for me--all I need to do is choose my favorites.  But despite being a small shop, there were plenty of opportunities to enjoy "the hunt."  No matter how many vintage stores I visit, I still gasp when I find a pair of Manolo Blahniks.  I always look around as if I expect someone to scold me for touching them.

MC found an old Redskins jacket and pondered it for a bit, but we didn't do any real shopping at Hamlet's Vintage.  The Web site for the shop seems to indicate that a dog hangs out in the shop, but there was no puppy in sight.  This was disappointing, as we love puppies.

We're still a little too broke to shop with Hamlet, but we loved browsing the racks in Greenwich Village!

More photos from our adventure after the jump.

Audra checks out some boots.

Flannels.  Soft flannels.  Yum.

I spy with my little eye...some Jimmy Choos and a pair of Manolos!

Just in time for Valentine's day, we found this on the sidewalk right outside the store!

At Fashion Week!  Or as my roommate said, "Look at you, not getting into Fashion Week!"  I know, I look ridiculous.  But hey, I was warm.


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