Thursday, February 4, 2010

Field Trip: The Giving Tree

6480 New Hampshire Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Editor's note: This is a tale of Field Trip #fail. I visited this store and recorded my thoughts about my visit in mid-January. While driving past the Giving Tree this week, I noticed a sign that said "50% Off." I got excited about the sale until I realized that another sign said "Store Closing." I'm not sure what happened, but I wanted to share the experience while it lasted. If nothing else, you can snag 50 percent off until further notice.

The Giving Tree popped up at the corner of East-West Highway and New Hampshire Avenue in the summer, but we had no idea this shop on the edge of Takoma Park existed until just after the new year.

The selection is rather unorganized, which makes the treasure hunt a challenge. But the store is small, and it won’t take long to check all the racks for great finds like Benetton dress pants for $3. There were also a few Ann Taylor button-downs for $2.00. The store also offers accessories and small household items.

This isn’t a place to find shoes. If you’re interested, they keep the nicer ones in the glass case at the register. Most of the rest are too worn to make the purchase worth it.

There’s not a whole lot going on at the Giving Tree, but with a handful of donations arriving during my visit alone, it’s clear that this organization has a lot of work to do. Sr. Mary Francis was working when I visited, and explained to a group of donors that clothing was given to the poor every Wednesday. The organization’s Web site states that it provides aid to the poor and sick both locally and in Africa.
If you’re cleaning out your closet and want the old stuff gone NOW, consider dropping a few bags off at the Giving Tree. You never know who might benefit, and you might spot a great bargain while you’re there.


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