Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In Other News: Junior Snowpocalypse Edition

Oh man, the snow is back just in time to ruin all my expectations for an obligatory February heat wave that I remember from year after year past.  No matter how pretty it looks when I'm gazing out the window, I always resent the snow as soon as I try to back out of my driveway.

So, we're not going far this week, but we do have some reading matter for you:

The Indianapolis Star recently profiled Jamie Silva, a Colts player who has a knack for finding thrift store bargains.  Silva used to collect cans to redeem for gas money, and worked with his friends and family to figure out which books at Goodwill would be worth something on Amazon.com.  We won't reveal who we're rooting for in this year's Super Bowl, but we'll admit that Silva sounds like someone we want to go shopping with.

ABC News has a story about the Humane Society of the United States's efforts to collect fur coats.  The coats are used as nests for abandoned baby animals.  The Coats for Cubs campaign runs through Earth Day (April 22), but the Humane Society will take fur donations at any time.  Vintage furs are often beautiful, but we still get a little uneasy about the whole fur debate.  But providing a little warmth for wild animals is something we can definitely get behind!

That's all the news we can muster for now.  Back to watching the snow fall...


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