Monday, December 13, 2010

Photos: Goodwill Holiday Travelin' Trunk Show at Caramel

I'm glad I showed up at the Goodwill trunk show in a timely fashion on Friday night, because it got pretty crowded. Look, a couple of people bundled up in winter garb, a couple of Goodwill employees there to assist, and you've got yourself one crowded, overheated space.

But. None of that mattered because it was seriously awesome. Kudos to the Goodwill staff who picked out some wonderful pieces, both vintage and contemporary, to show off at the show. And many thanks to Caramel for hosting.

In the end, I scored a sweater, a top, a winter coat, and two bags for a grand total of $31 and some change. With all the best stuff in front and center, I could take advantage of Goodwill's prices without having to rifle through rack after rack (not to say I don't enjoy a day at the thrift store, let's be real).

After the jump, a bunch of photos for your enjoyment.

Shoppers sneakily poking around in the racks


Gotta love Goodwill pricing

I spy a Goodwill Fashionista blogger!


Caramel had refreshments and a sale of its own.

I love this belt display!

I couldn't resist.

Photos of my finds will magically appear on the blog over the next few weeks.


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