Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo recap: Fancy Little Things Fall Fashion Swap

Ah, the swap. It was an amazing success, with more than 20 happy shoppers and a donation of $200 going to New Endeavors by Women! Thank you to everyone who was involved and came to visit us.

Thanks as well to Paul Oberle, photog extraordinaire who volunteered to come hang out with us for the day. There was no time to take photos of my own, but I didn't need to worry with Paul around. Check out some of his shots:

Checking out a happy customer

Grace tears up the shirts'n'such table

Bailey was on hand to keep the ladies company.

This is the back of my knee.

Toasting as the swap began (Melanie in the middle, Nicole on the right). Man, I need a haircut.

Helping Paul with some action shots

Nicole got tired. We all got tired.

I'm just a little ridiculous.

The shirts'n'such table, when it was neatly organized.


Bridesmaid's dress with pockets.  'Nuff said.

I think it's actually navy, not black. And that makes it cooler.

Having a little fun!


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