Friday, October 1, 2010

Sewing classes available at new U St. boutique

When I first met Kristen and Erin of Ginger Root Design/ReVamp, they were kind enough to invite me over for a lesson in bag repair. (It took me ages, but I finally finished the bag! I can use it now!)

While we sat and sewed and listen to multiple Metric albums, the girls told me that they were considering holding sewing classes. Informal and small, they would teach the basics to those who want to be able to fix things on their own.

Now that their store is open, sewing classes are here! Five sessions are available this fall to cover everything from the very basics in hand stitching, to pant-hemming and mini-skirt-making.

The first one is this Monday, October 4. I'll be there to go over some sewing fundamentals and sharpen my skills. Yes, you'll get all the gory details afterward, potentially with pictures of my pricked fingers covered in bandaids.

Classes are $35 each, paid in advance to reserve your spot. Call 202-567-7668 for more info.


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