Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You're Invited: Style and Purpose with Sammy D Vintage and Pink Brick House

Frequent readers will recall mentions of Sammy D Vintage in New York. Sammy does vintage as a full-time gig, and I often pause to consider both how lucky she is to be able to do so, and how awesome she is for persisting and growing her brand. She's back at it this weekend with Style and Purpose, and event that will offer NYC's women a chance to connect with each other while supporting two girl-power brands.

On Saturday, Sammy teams up with
Pink Brick House, a media agency launched less than a year ago by Kristen Dolle and Jasmine Wahi. We sat down with Sammy, Kristen, and Jasmine (virtually, if you'll pardon the distance) to ask some questions about the event, the brands, and how vintage can--dare we say it?--change the world.

“Style and Purpose”
Saturday, June 19, 2010
156 2nd Ave, Apt 6B
(entrance on 10th st)

After the jump, our questions for the ladies and some pictures to give you an idea of the selection for the event!

QL: What's the "purpose" for this event? The Haiti benefit seemed to go over really well.

SDV: Kristen, Jasmine and I have wanted to work with each other for a long time; the missions of our brands are very similar and basically revolve around helping women be their best. For Style and Purpose, we wanted to create an exciting, fun event that would help women look good and be inspired to do good. When you come to the sale, you’ll discover vintage treasures that will enhance your fabulousness and make new acquaintances that may become friends, or future business partners or project collaborators. And, you’ll be supporting two brands dedicated to giving you the best in fashion and culture.

QL: Let's get right down to it and talk about empowerment. How does this event promote and foster women's empowerment? What problems did you see that inspired the event?

PBH/SDV: Style and Purpose fosters women empowerment through facilitating style and social connections for the women that attend the event; and by financially supporting two brands that serve phenomenal women and represent them to the world. In terms of problems, the first that comes to mind is the fact that women have been subjected to a society that makes them insecure about so many things, from dating and their bodies to the expression of their personalities and growing their career – that has got to change! Both Sammy Davis Vintage and Pink Brick House saw opportunities to improve the world for women and that’s what we deliver on with everything we do.

QL: How can vintage clothing and fashion in general encourage empowerment?
SDV: Wearing vintage clothing is a personal choice. It's an alternative to mainstream, fast fashion that the consumer consciously chooses to pursue and purchase. Women who choose vintage have the mindfulness to empower their image and values through healthy fashion decisions. Buying SDV is just as empowering as choosing to go on a run, counsel a friend, make a business pitch or just choose to eat local over commercial.

Empowerment is not a universal definition -- we are only empowered by what we do, not by what others do for us. What is something we do everyday? We choose what we wear to present ourselves to the world, and most importantly, to ourselves. Let your daily empowerment find a place in your closet, and you will see the positive effects of this consciousness influence over areas of your personal and professional life.

QL: As a media agency that "creates exciting pop culture" to empower smart women (I stole that from the Facebook page!), what tools do you see Pink Brick House using to market to and for women? How does fashion play a role in your mission?

PBH: Our main tools in creating exciting pop culture for smart women consist of an inherent sense of integrity, an authentic voice and the exhilarating experience of being smart, fun, ambitious women living our dreams in New York City. No one else seems to want to tell our stories or provide us with targeted media that entertains us and inspires us without compromise. That’s why we created Pink Brick House – to meet this need. Through web and mobile platforms, movies, music, ad campaigns and events, Pink Brick House aims to create the most exciting culture that we can think of.

Fashion, at its best, is a creative art. It’s also an expression of life. For Pink Brick House, the more excellence in creativity, art and life we can bring to the world, the better. We aren’t going to be starting a fashion house anytime soon, but we definitely use the art in our media as costume, inspiration and a mechanism to tell our stories.

QL: Okay, spill: what's your favorite piece in the sale?

SDV: Well, if it weren't summer ... it'd obviously be sequins! But I've recently fallen into a huge collection of size 8-10 '80s pumps. They are a fantastic find, considering their condition, style and of course ... size! It's nearly impossible to find shoes older than 15 years old that actually fit a woman's foot. I'm so excited for these beautiful pieces, along with the rest of my collection, to find happy homes at this sale!

PBH: Jasmine’s in love with the geometric patterns and fits. She’s been wearing a fabulous navy, fuschia and white dress that’s obviously no longer for sale, but there are many other dresses with bright colors, bold patterns and that certain air of sophistication that are totally ready for consumption. Kristen, on the other hand, has been obsessed with the pieces boasting full portraits of animals. Giant jaguars and tigers? On me? Yes please!


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