Monday, June 21, 2010

Field Trip: Current Boutique

2529 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 528-3079

It's about time I made it to the Commonwealth! On a rainy afternoon, I happened upon Current Boutique on in Arlington and couldn't pass up the chance to do some "research." The rain kept any semblance of a crowd at bay, and I had a chance to chat for a while as I browsed.

The two sales associates on duty, Fiona and Cher, were helpful in telling me about the store and its inventory. At the front of the store, you can find original, new designs that owner Carmen gathers from New York on a regular basis. The rest is from you. Consignment is done on a walk-in basis, with clothes selling for 30 percent of their approximate current retail prices. After splitting that 30 percent with Current, you can still earn quite a bit of cash if you have great stuff to unload from your wardrobe.

Don't even try consigning on a Saturday, as you'll probably have to wait for at least an hour. Instead, pick an afternoon or evening during the week if you can. The ladies said that Wednesday afternoon is a perfect time to come by.

The brands available range widely, and it's safe to say that anything goes at Current Boutique. But, everything I saw was in excellent condition and ready to get into your closet right away. I especially enjoyed the section of suits, which appeared just as I was thinking my work wardrobe needed a bit of an update. I might need to make a stop back there soon.

If you don't have the time to rifle through the racks at a thrift store, skip over to Current Boutique for a diverse collection of barely-worn clothing.

More photos below!

New pieces from NYC


The welcoming fitting room area

Tory Burch pants

Get dressed for work!


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