Monday, March 1, 2010

The Find: A Little Spinach for Myself

Ms. Spinach has a recap of her first pop-up sale, but we've got a few photos to share, too!

Sign-making 101 with your guide, Ms. Spinach. I'm definitely keeping this little sign in mind when/if I ever have a similar sale of my own!

The rest are going under a cut, to save us all a little space!

Here's Betsy, surrounded by her offerings. She was beaming all day, and for good reason: this sale was a hit!


The racks were full, but only for a little while.

I arrived around 12:30 on Saturday, and by the time I left about an hour later, the racks were almost picked clean. Looks were a little deceiving, as there was quite a line for the fitting room and those items to be tried on were tucked away in the back. Everyone at Proper Topper was friendly and helpful and kept the refreshments coming while everyone waited their turn to slip into some of the goods.

But this girl is impatient. I snatched up a dress and planned to try it on, but as time passed and I realized I was in the way-way-back of the try-on line (and a big sweater is the worst thing to wear when you're thrifting or vintaging), I could not. Wait. Any. Longer.

So I bought the dress for a whopping $35 and took it home to try on.

Do you want to see it? Yes, you do.

I assure you that this number is about 30x more glam and pretty in person. Promise. I'm just an awkward pose.

The back, for those of you who were dying to see my black bra straps.

This is how sexy I felt when I put this on in the middle of the Peeps diorama build, day 3.

Anyway, the sale was great, the weather was great, Betsy's a sweetheart (and very tall!), and I had a fab time. I can't wait to wear my dress!


ms. spinach said...

yay! LOVE that dress. looks like it fits perfectly!

and I love those gold shoes -- so glad you got a picture! soon after, a perfect size 7 gal slipped them on and they looked amazing and she very happily took them home.

thank you for coming!

Quarter Life said...

Shoes are perhaps a weakness of mine! I'm glad that pair found a good home. A small-footed home.

I was shocked the dress fit so well, but boy was I pleased that it did! Please have another shop soon!

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