Thursday, March 4, 2010

Field Trip: Secondhand Rose

1516 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 337-3378

This consignment shop is older than we are by a good few years.  But if you're out for the day in Georgetown and have a minute to dig around, stop into Secondhand Rose.

There are some serious brands here.  MC was shopping with me and had his eye on a sweater that was hanging up on a mannequin.  He thought it would look great on me, although I insisted it wasn't my style.  Good thing I didn't like it--it was a $400 sweater.  I guess MC has some good taste.  

The store wasn't very busy during our visit, so the friendly staff was ready and available to answer any questions we may have had.  These women know their stuff.  Ask to take a look at the men's ties.  You'll find a very expensive selection of ties at very appropriate prices for something that might get some dinner spilled on it.

Unfortunately, not too many of the items in the front section of the store fit my budget.  But fear not, broke shoppers.  There's a sale room.  When you reach the top of the stairs, go straight back down the hallway that's lined with jackets and dresses on each side.  The sale room is cramped, but take your time and look around.  The room is meant for only one or two people at a time, simply because there's so much stuff back there!  The shoes are arranged by size, and the offerings in the sale room are very reasonably priced for the great brands that were present (Ferragamos included.  You know we have a soft spot for Ferragamos).  Most of the items in the sale room were priced at $50 or below, which tells you how expensive some of the things cost in the rest of the store.

But, you pay for quality, even when it's secondhand or vintage.  Think about it--the good labels don't stay popular because their stuff falls apart on the third wearing.  You may be paying for the name, but oftentimes you really are paying for quality.

For a deep appreciation of fashion of all types, a visit to Secondhand Rose can be a real treat.


Courtney said...

HEYYY theres a secondhand rose on kent island! you should come down and thrift around here one day!

Quarter Life said...

Perhaps my spring visit will require a stop there! Crabbing and thrifting, yes and yes.

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