Saturday, March 6, 2010

DC Chillin': Spring Fever Edition

Your girl blogger is feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, so you may have to live without a Field Trip this week. I'm sad too. There are so many places I need to visit!

Quarter Life fave Ms. Spinach tweeted tonight that Remix on Capitol Hill recently closed. We're shocked and dying to know more. Come back, Remix, we love you.

Edited 3/7/10: The Remix has a note up on its Web site to mark the store's closing at the end of February. We visited the store in the fall and are very sad to see it go. Our best wishes to the staff and for owner Stacey's health.

Even though we're feeling pretty soggy, we're excited for some new things coming to Quarter Life soon. I'm going to fill you in on the do's and don'ts of buying secondhand shoes, and I'll be debuting the Quarter Life Closet, where you can buy some great vintage and thrift items directly from me!

Get out there and enjoy the weather this weekend!


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