Thursday, March 11, 2010

DC Chillin': Goodwill's Trunk Sale and We Love DC Loves Luxury Consignment

Both of today's links come from We Love DC, because...because I love them.

Goodwill and Greater Goods are teaming up for another Travelin' Trunk Show, this Saturday from 11 to 2. They'll have some vintage stuff, and you can also drop off donations during the show.  That should inspire you to do a little spring cleaning so you can fit some new clothes into your closet!

We Love DC writer Kelly Collins Fredrick (also of CityShopGirl) highlights some of the high-end consignment shops with some fun photos.  We haven't visited any of these shops yet, but hope to do so soon.  Unfortunately, Fredrick had a bad experience when she visited Secondi, but we hope that others have received better service.

What consignment or thrift shops have you found especially friendly or helpful?  Fill me in!


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