Monday, February 22, 2010

The Find: The Best Seven Dollars I ever Spent

Last winter, a colleague asked me to participate in a date auction for charity.  I said I'd do it if my friend signed up as well, and we dove in head-first.  Everyone up for auction needed to wear a red dress, but since red isn't exactly my color, I didn't already have one I could wear.

Two stops at Value Village later, and I was set.  I found a Nicole Miller* dress for a whopping $6.95.  Add that to the $10 clutch I got from Payless and the $11 shoes from Target that happened to match, and I was ready for the auction.

A year later, I'm still dating the guy who bought me, a stranger who took a chance on the first girl up for bid.

No matter how often I purge my closet, I don't think I'll be getting rid of this dress for a long time. 

*That little number is most certainly backless.  Double-sided tape is required for any public appearance.  And yes, my hair was short.  And I was that happy that MC bought me.


Laura said...

awww! I was there!

Quarter Life said...

You were! I was so happy that so many of our friends came out to support us.

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