Friday, February 19, 2010

Field Trip: Mustard Seed

7349 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

I've wanted to visit Mustard Seed since I first started researching the secondhand stores in the area.  It was definitely worth the wait.  (Can you see the store, there, behind the mounds of snow?)

The store is bright and organized, and it's immediately clear that it's a choosy kind of place.  If you want to sell them your clothing, you have to make an appointment online--don't expect to get an appointment right away.  If they want your stuff, they'll give you half the selling price up front.  I've heard mixed reviews from friends who have sold items to Mustard Seed, but on the buying side, I'm fully in favor.

The vintage selection is small, but officially cool (according to me).  Everything you'll find is in mint condition.  Mustard Seed also carries some new clothing toward the front of the store.  I believe during my visit they had several styles of dresses and women's tops by Tulle.  The men's section is small, but MC seemed to enjoy the selection and had a field day trying to put on a pair of boots that he eventually gave up on.

The women's selection is pretty casual--there are no long gowns, but you can find a few short dresses--but there is a good range of styles and colors.  There was not a lot of "ugly" in this store, as I like to say. Some stores are full of ugly.  Maybe you can consider this cat sweater to be of questionable taste, but I found it hilarious and definitely considered getting it.  All my cat lady friends understand.
I've been looking for dress pants and jeans for a while, and tried on a pair of Sevens that were only about $20 bucks.  But those were a petite size, and that just wasn't going to work for me.  What I did find, and fell in love with immediately, was a pair of Rich and Skinny jeans that seemed to be made for me and my long legs.  They're obviously denim, but I think they'll pass for dress pants with a blazer or button-down top.  They're almost high-waisted, and have some great details--like leopard print and purple accents on the inside of the waist band, and some tiny purple stitches on the outer waistband.

The price tag said $36, and while that's more than I like to spend during a regular thrift trip, I had seen this same brand in the store at the W Hotel in Times Square the day before visiting Mustard Seed.  At the W, I was afraid to look at the price tag on the jeans.  MC made the decision for me--I had to have them.  To give me peace of mind, the associate I spoke to said that Mustard Seed does accept returns.  But these babies are mine.

I don't visit Bethesda often, but when I do, you can be sure I'll be stopping by Mustard Seed.

Photos of my awesome new pants after the jump!

I was perhaps trying to strategically cover all the cat hair on my shirt.


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