Thursday, February 25, 2010

Field Trip: Secondi

1702 Connecticut Ave. NW 
Second Floor
Washington, DC 20009

I've been wandering around DC looking for Secondi for months, but this store has been in the Dupont Circle neighborhood since 1986.  That's about as old as this girl blogger happens to be.  And here I was, walking past Secondi almost every weekend, absentmindedly skipping along, missing all the fun.

When I arrived late on a Saturday afternoon, I was shocked to find the store, which is on the second floor above Starbucks, packed with shoppers and consigners.  The store has two distinct sides.  If you go to the left at the top of the stairs, you'll find nice clothes at decent prices.  If you go to the right, you'll find really nice clothes at really good prices.  

There is a wide range of labels on the left side of the store, with plenty of reputable names to choose from.  Each price tag is clearly labeled, and specifies dates at which the price will drop.  I think I read every tag in the store just to see how cheap things could get.  There were plenty of options for those who wanted to choose something at a discounted price--the lowest tag I saw was about $15 dollars.  Be prepared to wait in line for a fitting room if you visit during a high-traffic time.

On the right side of the store...oh boy.  If you want to touch some designer labels, check over there.  You'll find everything from coats, to pumps, to a Louis Vuitton suitcase up on a shelf.  This stuff is beautiful.  Don't balk at the prices, because it's still only a fraction of what you would pay for something new.  Granted, I didn't run out of the store with anything from the designer side, but it was nice to look (and touch everything).

If you can sneak in during the last few days of February, you can get an extra 10 percent off reduced items as part of the store's twice-yearly attempt to clear out for the new season (check back in August for the next sale!).

Secondi started with a group of 30 consigners, but has grown to include more than 1,000.  New clothing comes into the store about every 15 minutes, thanks to in-person consignment, drop-offs for return consigners, and even shipments from consigners around the country.  

The customers at Secondi when I visited ranged from teenagers to well-seasoned fashionistas.  The shopgirls may not have much time to guide you during the busy times, but feel free to look around.  You're likely to find something that suits you and your budget.


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