Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get This: BCBG and nearly new

"If only I were a size 10," I keep thinking to myself.  Granted, my frame would look awfully awkward with size 10 feet and size 10 shoes, but that's another story.  All I know is that these BCBG heels are truly something.  I know for a fact that the previous owner only wore them a few times, so they're virtually free of scuffs and marks.

Pointed toes don't seem to be going anywhere, so these will be fashionable for many seasons to come.  The T-strap is also a classic, flattering feature.  Personally, I love the white stitching.

If a size 10 sounds perfect, check out these BCBG heels on our eBay page.

In Other News: has an awesome feature article about the bevy of consignment shops that have shown up in the Jerz in the past year or so.  According to the piece, the sagging economy elevated the consignment industry.  A bridal-specific consignment shop is profiled in the article as well.


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