Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Field Trip: Tari

1525 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC 20007

Tari snuck into Georgetown this fall, and if you ask owner Sara Mokhtari, the store isn't quite ready for its grand opening. Oh sure, you can come in and shop, but the speakers haven't been installed, and there are holes in the ceiling where vents will go. When she dashes into the back of the shop to look for something, it sounds like an avalanche of boxes. But it's just an organization system coming to fruition. Slowly.

And then there's the matter of a sign. Tari has a beautiful, multi-paned window at the front of the store. Sara's mother likes the old-fashioned window, and I agree with her. But due to Georgetown's strict business regulations, a window sign seems to be the only option. And you can't spell T A R I out across four window panes unless you want it to look like S A L E

But, it will come together.

For now, the clothing speaks for itself in this consignment boutique. During my visit in late December, a regular customer walked out with a Diane von Furstenberg dress—tags still on—and a pair of YSL heels for about $400. Out of my personal budget? Just a bit. But a veritable steal for the seasoned shopper.

Mokhtari has a background in interior design that comes out in full force as she darts around the shop, arranging items and setting them just-so. The regulars bring in their items to consign, but Tari also has connections in the New York and LA fashion scenes that provide much of the tags-on designs.

Menswear is a focus at Tari, with affordable prices on men's suits, tuxes, and casual clothing. Mokhtari is working on plans to expand the shop onto the building's second floor, which means.....entire men's section. If I were a dude, I'd find this very exciting. (Still, as a lady, it's pretty cool.)

The photos can say more than I can, so check 'em out after the jump.

You are looking at the cuff on these pants. Yes. Each leg has a zipper and clasp.



I forget who these are by but they're fancy. For a fancy lady.

Ms. Mokhtari, hard at work.


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