Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exchange Your Ways is two days away!

If the bags of clothing and shoes stacked up in my bedroom are any indication, the swap on Saturday is going to be a pretty great celebration of the first-ever National Swap Day.

If you already have your tickets, here are a few reminders about how to get the most out of the swap:

-Nana's new location doesn't have fitting rooms built yet. It may behoove you to dress in layers (with leggings and a t-shirt at the most inner layer) so you can try things on in the middle of the store.

-It's every swapper for herself this time around, which coat rack. We understand that bulky winter gear is expected, so here's a potential solution: You're bringing a big reuseable bag anyway to be able to cart off your swap haul, right? Once you get into the store, cram your bag and coat into that bag and try not to whack anyone with it.

-All the leftovers will be picked up by Goodwill of Greater Washington. If you have additional bags of clothing, shoes or accessories that aren't particularly swap-worthy, feel free to bring them and we'll stick 'em in our donation bins for Goodwill.

-If you have a question during the swap, look for a volunteer wearing an orange tag. They're on hand to help!

-Remember to fuel up! There's a great selection of food and drink in the Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights area, so make plans to grab lunch between drop-off and swappage. New Columbia Heights has a reader-developed map of Columbia Heights eateries that's worth a peek. On the west side of 16th St., QL recommends the following locations:

-Dos Gringos (Coffee for a buck all day! Just ask for it!)
-Haydee's (We'll have coupons for each and every one of you)
-Tonic (Brunch!)
-Ercilia's (Pupusas!)
-Mayflower (Fortune cookies!)

Okay that's all I got. If you want to recommend any other eateries, coffee shops, or places you can drink before noon, leave 'em in the comments.

See you Saturday! :)


Miranda said...

I just bought my ticket!
Is there any other good vintage stores in the area that you recommend?


Quarter Life said...

So glad you're coming, Miranda! Definitely check out Frugalista across the street, it's sort of an upscale thrift store (not a lot of vintage, but worth a look).

You could also take the Circulator over to 18th St. to check out Mercedes Bien and Meeps, but if you want to get over there and make it back by 1, definitely drop-off right at 11. :)

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