Thursday, January 6, 2011

Field Trip: Hella Tuff

Way back in 2010, I stopped by the Hella Tuff super-secret shop operated out of a Columbia Heights basement. We could say many things about the legality of this setup, but after visiting I see it this way: Private pop-up shop with limited hours. Yes, it's open to the public, but unless you have your finger on the pulse of vintage shopping, this place flies totally under the radar.

Jessica Dye is a vintage lover who seems to collect out of pure fondness for fine older things. I couldn't find anything that fit me when I stopped by, but everything was priced reasonably with women's separates starting at about $10. This basement is about fun, individual pieces, not about idolizing famous brands.

Pictures! We have some. You can find Hella Tuff on Facebook.

Jessica talks with some visitors

Ohhhh luggage.

Do you need a hopelessly out-of-style-but-still-fun phone? HERE YOU GO.

Quarter Life agrees.

Someone call Hillary!

Heart sunglasses!

Dudes too!


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