Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fashion:District returns, for a price

In which Your Girl Blogger has conflicting thoughts about an event:

Reasons to go:
-All the cool fashionistas will be there
-The pop-up shops will have beautiful items for sale, and shoppers will be supporting local businesses
-It's easy to get to (Circulator! 96 bus! Walk from the Woodley Metro!)
-Watching DC's fashion scene develop is inspiring and causes many warm fuzzies

Reasons to skip it:
-Spring's fashion:district cost $10 to get in. Since this girl blogger missed her chance to buy a fashion show ticket, she missed what was probably the best part of the night.  This year, it's $25 to get in ($35 for all-access which includes a swag bag and open bar).  For fashionistas on a budget who'd like to actually be able to buy something from the pop-up vendors, $25 is no small change.
-If you get up early (like this girl), beware of timing. Spring's fashion show started about an hour late, and while we can't make assumptions, we will say that fashion runs on its own schedule. Be prepared for a late night.
-There will be enough multimedia afterward that you'll still be able to see the runway looks.

Are you going?  If so, get your ticket NOW as this event will sell out pronto.


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