Monday, October 4, 2010

Breaking fashion news: Mysterious Dr. K has merch in new U St. shop

It seems like just yesterday I was casually mentioning this new vintage shop coming to U St. Tonight while taking sewing class at Ginger Root Design (more on that later), I asked Kristen and Erin if they knew anything about Dr. K's Vintage Shop. They didn't know anything more than I did, which we all thought was strange as the block is pretty friendly and word tends to get out about these things.

When I arrived at GRD, I noticed lights on in Dr. K's. When I left GRD two hours later, I walked up the steps and peered in the window: MERCH.  Straight up merch, starting to line the walls.  Boots, people.  And some stuff that looks like tweaked vintage ladies' stuff.

Merch means one thing: they'll be open within a week.

There was someone working in the shop, up on a ladder obviously trying to get things in order.  I would have knocked on the door and said hello, but two things stopped me:

1. No entrepreneur wants to answer their door at 9 p.m. when they're trying to get their store up and running.
2. The 96 bus was idling at a stop light across the street and I was determined to get on it.  Lucky for me, the bus driver gave me a break, but not until after she shook her head in disappointment as I knocked on the door and then told me, as she opened it, "You're making that face because you know what you did!" Yes, I knew what I did. But I wanted to take the bus home, and it was just sitting there at the curb. Thank you, bus driver lady, for not making me feel any more guilty than you did.

Anyway.  Get excited for some new vintagey goodness, my fashionable friends.


vee2go said...

Yes, Dr. K's Vintage is now open for business and everyone are welcome to stop by and try-on anythings or just look around the store.

Store is open everyday from 1pm until 10pm. See you there!

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