Monday, July 12, 2010

Fancy Little Things: The Swap

We're teaming up with Sisarina and JOBSESSED, and we're excited to announce our involvement in the Fancy Little Things Fall Fashion Swap!

Swapping is new to me, and a whole new side of being thrifty that I can't help but love. Here's how it works: Bring us your clothes—the stuff that's been hanging in your closet for a while, but you just don't feel like wearing. Then come back and shop with us on September 19, when you'll be able to scope out the closet rejects of the other attendees. Our hope is that you can build a bit of a new fall wardrobe for minimal cost. Nicole from JOBSESSED will be on hand to photograph all those new wear-to-work ensembles you put together on the fly.

Stay tuned as we reveal more details about the event and how you can participate!


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