Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Find: Mom's Closet

My mom came to visit last month, and as she gazed at the vintage goodies hanging from my rowing machine, she mumbled something about letting me take things from her closet the next time I was home. I didn't even have to use any of Sammy D's tips for raiding a family member's wardrobe!

One weekend later, I jumped into the catch-all family closet.  Our hall closet has everything from my sister's prom dress to old Girl Scout handbooks.  It's a pretty eclectic place.

I pretty much grabbed everything except the beloved fuschia prom dress and brought it back to DC for evaluation.  In the stock were my mom's prom dress, her wedding dress (Not white or traditional at all, sorry wedding enthusiasts), and a variety of dressing belonging to either my sister or my mom.

I immediately wore this green maxi dress to work, and got heaps of compliments throughout the day.  I don't usually take photos in the office bathroom, but it was the best full-length option I had going for me that day.

I have not done the proper research, so while I suspect my mom might have made this dress in the '70s, I can't guarantee that.  All I know is that I am even more of a spitting image of my mother when I'm wearing some of her clothing that fits like it was made for me.  Family ties, I guess!


Bethany said...

That's a gorgeous dress!

Quarter Life said...

Simple and easy to wear. Thanks!

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