Monday, May 10, 2010

The Find: Etsy Etc.

Photo via Tialey Vintage
After setting up at the Fenton Street Market, the overwhelming response from my fellow vendors convinced me that it was time to pretty much abandon eBay and open an Etsy store.  It's definitely a work in progress, but I'm pleased to say that I've made my first sale already!

The dress that sold definitely has a story.  It was my sister's in high school, and a dress I had loved for a long time.  Determined to wear the red velvet frock to a New Year's Eve party, I did some alterations.  I took the dress in and added another layer of tulle to make it flouncy and bouncy.  Except, I took it in with such a method that made it impossible to lift my arms.  So when everyone else was dancing to "Shout!" I looked like T-Rex over in the corner with my arms stuck at elbow height.  It didn't help that I went out on the town hopped up on Dayquil and suffering from a raging fever, but that's beside the point.  The point: I hope the buyer really enjoys it!

But I want to point out my first Etsy vintage piece, which I just received last week.  I snagged a rain/car/spring/anytime! coat from Tialey Vintage on sale for the low low price of $12.99.  With my new commute, I had been on the lookout for a suitable raincoat, and had come up dry (ha!) at most of the thrift stores I visited.  Thanks to the latest Tialey Vintage sale, I was able to get a great vintage piece for a thrift store price.  Even if it's a little on the big side, everyone needs a trench.  And better baggy than small.  I gotta say, I think I look cute in this minty color.

You might say that I should be visiting local shops or vendors, but I think Etsy does great things for the vintage world.  This seller may not have been around the corner, but I'm still supporting a small business owner and someone who really puts their heart into their work.  In today's connected world, sometimes our neighbors are far away.

Oooookay, here I am in the coat!

Hey there, iPhone camera!
Look: Simple trench for city living
Label: Super Napo
Location: Etsy!
Likewise: Skinny jeans and riding boots on a rainy day, or wear it over work clothes on a chilly morning.  Really, this coat goes anywhere.

Looks better on the model, but I like it on me!  Gotta love the collar.


Tialey Vintage Clothing said...

Looking good! :) Thanks for shopping with me. BTW, cute mascot!

Bethany said...

Were you the tent with the lovely vintage slips at Fenton on Saturday?

Quarter Life said...

Nope, but I suspect it was the lovely Open Eyes Press:

I want to do Fenton again but have a packed schedule for most of the I will be doing Etsy until I can get my tent out again!

Bethany said...

Ok, the person from the tent looked like your photo so I wasn't sure. Will be browing on etsy!

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