Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Trip: Smash Records

2314 18th Street NW, Second Floor

Washington, DC 20009

I know, I know. You're sitting there like, "Jeebus girl, this is a record store not a vintage or thrift shop. You're doin' it wrong."

But I'm not! Scout's honor.

The same day that the roommate and I wandered into Meeps, we tripped upon Smash. We wouldn't have given it a second glance except she noted that the easel sign out front mentioned vintage. So wander we went, inside and up the stairs.

There are a ton more records than there are clothes here, but think about it: records take up much less room, and therefore approximately a zillion of them can be crammed in a small space. Clothes and shoes: slightly more cumbersome. The front half of the store has all the vintage and thrift goodies. It's a good mix of old stuff, and newer secondhand stuff that has an old vibe to it. There were all sorts of people in the store, which smelled kind of like armpits, and patience was required when visiting the racks. Everyone gets a turn to look and touch!

Prices aren't out of this world but are markedly higher if you're looking for a big name like Betsey Johnson--which, if you peek around, you can find. I was pretty proud of the shoes I bought at Smash. I had been looking for work-appropriate flats for a while, hoping to find a pair that would withstand my hellacious commute through the winding, faltering Metro system of doom. And I am a fool for some patent-leather shoes, or at the least something similarly shiny. So for $16 (plus tax of course), those cute flats were mine. I am still breaking them in, but they look glorious. Check 'em out--they even have fake taps on the bottom. They look awesome when I'm flying down the platform at Metro Center.

Stop by Smash after brunch during your weekend stroll of Adams Morgan. If you're not too hungover, you'll enjoy poking around here. Maybe get a few LPs while you're at it.

Shuffle fake-tap shuffle!

Modeling my new shoes in front of the store,
ignoring the extensive amount of clash I am creating in the process


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