Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: Big Things Coming to Quarter Life!

What, you think I'd keep the Peep lovin' off this site?  No dice.
Just a quick update to fill you in on some of the things you'll soon be able to find on Quarter Life:

The Find: check out what very may well be the perfect red evening gown
Field Trip: the last store in the "Spring on U Street" series, although we still have more stores to visit in the area!
Thrift Tip: we'll be chock-full of thrift tips soon...

The ladies of Treasury will be working with me this weekend to repair the Swissair bag that I bought from the store.

Shannan from Junction will be providing some tips for beginning and experienced thrifters alike.   We caught up with Shannan tonight for some hot (no really, she burned herself) cider and warmed up quick despite the damp, chilly weather.  We're very excited to share her wealth of knowledge with you!

DC Chillin': It's almost time for the Quarter Life Closet debut at the Fenton Street Market!  The clothes will be carefully steamed, hung, and adorned with some pretty tags....all you have to do is stop by and feed your need for vintage and thrift.  Stay tuned for a special coupon.

Whoa!  That's a lot!  Thanks for sticking with us as we get it all together for you.  :)


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