Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Find: The Red Dress

Last fall, MC invited me to accompany him to a DC society-types event that had a nautical theme. Those who know me know I love a good nautical theme and even have a nautical tattoo. The "black tie recommended" note made me nervous. I didn't have anything remotely nautical in my closet that was remotely black tie-appropriate.

Off to Value Village I went. I happened to choose the Silver Spring location that has a Unique Thrift Store attached to it. Double your inventory...double the options. Seeing nothing on the Value Village side, I wandered over to the Unique side and started rifling through the dresses. I considered a short gold number, but I couldn't get it zipped. The bonus of this location is that is has fitting rooms, so there was no guessing game with any options I picked up.

Then it was almost as if it found me: a long, red Bill Levkoff gown with pleated shoulders, a boat neck, and a tiny fishtail train. I clutched it close to me as I scampered over to the fitting room. The attendant had to zip it up for me, but then turned me around and smiled and murmured something in Spanish about how nice I looked.

It was the one. And it was $14.99. Thank you, discount card.

I brought it home and hid it from MC for two weeks until the day of the event, when I hauled it downtown hanging in an elaborate trash-bag set-up. (I have since obtained a garment bag, promise.)

But by then, a sinus infection had knocked MC out so hard that he couldn't fathom going to the event. I had my heart set on wearing that dress around DC's "in" crowd, but I couldn't argue with a sick boy. I pouted a little and eventually got over it.

The dress is still in my closet. covered by a trash bag. Waiting for nautical-black-tie-recommended bliss.


newdressaday said...

That sleeve along...sigh. You HAVE to find somewhere to wear that to, even if it's just out for tapas :) Such a steal - love it! xx M

Quarter Life said...

iiiiiiii know....isn't it divine! Next black-tie-optional event I get invited to, it's going ON. Thanks for stopping by!

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