Monday, April 5, 2010

Deep Thoughts about Menswear, and a Field Trip

Second Time Around
176 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

Second Time Around is apparently part of a chain, but I have not run across its DC counterpart yet. Honestly, I'm pretty sure it's right under my nose in Georgetown and I have walked by it 16 times in the past month. That's how bad I am with directions.

According to Google it has three locations on Newbury street alone, which I am almost certain is highly unlikely. But we went to one of them! And we did not buy anything. Despite generous color tag sales, everything I wanted was a non-discount color. So, still too pricey for me.

If you know where the stairs are in this place, let me know. MC and I wandered around inside for a while, wondering where this crazy-looking European couple found all the Burberry coats that were on sale for about $130. It was only after we left the store that we realized that there's a second floor. By that point we were tired of (window) shopping and decided to split.

Bottom line: as with all thrift and resale stores, know when the best sale days are. Research required!

More importantly, I have some beef to share.

In the middle of my Q and A last week, Josh Yospyn got me thinkin' hard. He mentioned that DC could use a list of vintage and resale shops that cater to men. I haven't really found any of those yet, so the list would be all about stores that have a decent men's section.

Then, on our trip to Boston for Easter weekend, I came across this:

In one corner toward the back of the store, one could find the menswear. But it was labeled the "Boyfriend Boutique." At first, I smiled at the alliteration and the label. But then, I got offended on behalf of every guy in America.

All of the sections in this store had small signs like the ones above, 90 percent of them referring to the piles upon piles of women's clothing that the store housed. But there was only one sign for men's clothing, and it silently made the assumption that the guys in the store were only there because of their girlfriends.

Am I way off base here? Does anyone out there think it's cute or flattering? I'd love for some guys to chime in on this. Bonus points if you have suggestions for alternate names for the men's section.

More photos from the trip, after the jump.

The boyfriend boutique from afar. Pretty busy place, actually.

MC tries on a jacket.

I wanted MC to get this shirt. But nooooo. Sad times.

Straight-up vintage....nary a tag on this skirt.
Ayyyyyy! Leather...not really the look for me.

Nanette Lepore strapless this is my style.

Newbury Street, Boston

Happy spring!


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