Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DC Chillin': Artini

Box of tissues: not free
Your Girl Blogger attended Artini at the Corcoran last weekend, an invite that was met, of course, with "Ohhhhhhhh my gah what do I weeeeear?"  Once I calmed myself down I looked in my own closet.  Easy peasy.

The night before the event I asked if Artini was a "big hair event," to which MC confirmed.  I twisted my fading locks into some sort of monstrosity, put a gallon of Christophe on it, and was out the door.  Seriously?  I got new glasses like a week ago.  No one's looking at my hair.

Dress: $9.99 (yes, it's for sale in the Closet, but I was dying to wear it myself)
Shoes: $5.99
Jewelry: Free, I love gifts
Total cost of outfit: $16 smackeroons

In retrospect, a necklace would have been nice.  But no matter.  What matters is that I got to taste a variety of crafty drinks.  I enjoyed the crafty drinks so much that I eventually kicked and competely took out a spotlight at the museum, which only about half the crowd noticed.  So there, Corcoran.  I'm admitting I did it.

A lovely evening all around.  And, I kept a little private smile to myself with my cheap ensemble in mind.

Love this shot...if only I hadn't taken it in MC's bathroom


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