Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Other News: Brightest Young Things profiles DC fashion writer

Brightest Young Things has a fantastic profile of Betsey Lowther, a DC finalist for the site's Best Dressed List.  There are some pretty photos of her wardrobe, which is a vintage-lover's dream.  When asked about her favorite shops, she made me proud with this response:

BYT: What about for vintage? 
BL: For vintage, although I will stop by place like Remix on Capitol Hill, I’m a big thriftier. I’d rather go and find it myself for $5 than go to a vintage stop and pay, you know, more….it’s also part of the hunt. If I had a recommendation, the Maryland side is generally much better for thrifting. I love Value Village….when you find that thing like a Dior skirt for $5, which I have, that is so much more fun than going to the store and finding it for $200, you know. I’m a big bargain shopper overall.

Her blog, Fashion is Spinach, is going on our blogroll, stat.


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