Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thrift Tip: Have Yourself a Merry Little Bargain

Browsing through the Value Village racks one day, I was distracted by the cute clutches and small purses hanging at eye level. Every girl loves to get a new bag, right? I know I do. But it's just not reasonable for me to buy all the cute little bags for myself.

Aware that the holidays were quickly approaching and even more aware of how tight my budget is, I snagged a bunch of the bags to save for the season. This weekend I wrapped them and they went to the Christmas party. And voila, happy faces from clutch-loving women.

Bonus points if you check out some little bags on a discount day, as some of the bags I acquired cost less than $3. To boost the gift a little bit, a bag filled with candy or homemade cookies is sure to go over well.

If you can't break the bank this year, but want to have gifts for all your (girl) friends at the party, go my route and give everyone a little something to hold on to.


Hostage Hoosier said...

i recognize those bags! such a great idea. yay new purse!

Quarter Life said...

I especially liked the one that you received. Sharing is caring! Thanks for reading, Emily!

Doug said...


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