Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get This: Little Black Dress (with a twist)

Little Black Dresses come in many shapes and forms. This one is pretty bland, so I decided to spice it up with some color. I never invest in belts because I'm picky and nothing ever seems to look right, but for our purposes I improvised with a nice piece of ribbon I got on a gift. It's long, so I wrapped it around a few times and tied it in a bow in the back. Doesn't look too shabby, does it? It's all about confidence.

Look: Classic Little Black Dress
Label: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Likewise: Put a dress shirt on underneath for the office, or add colorful tights and ankle boots for a cocktail party.

Get it here for a limited time.

In other news: Andrew at New Columbia Heights is compiling a list of things the neighborhood is missing. Thrift store makes the list! While it's practically considered a mainstream neighborhood at this point, it's still pretty cool. A funky consignment shop or thrift store would fit right into Columbia Heights.


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