Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quarter Life goes to New York Fashion Week

I come to you today, dear readers, with the most spectacular news. I'm going to New York Fashion Week. Next week. For Fashion Week. I have spent the past two days looking like this:

I wanted to use the picture of Liesl in the gazebo in the thunderstorm,
but that was impossible to successfully Google in my current state.

Yeah, everyone, that's right. Big arms from here to Manhattan. I promise I'll go to New York with more than a lone jumper, a straw hat, and a guitar.

For all the up-to-the minute knowledge, pics, and videos, you can keep up with my home base, For the extras and the personal experiences...well I'm going to put them here. There are few thrifty things about Fashion Week, but we all dream big, right? Plus, I'll be sure to post outfit pictures so you can see what thrifty or vintage things I wear throughout the week.

But I do feel the need, readers and fashion fans, to ask for advice.  Where should I go when I'm in New York? Best coffee shop near Lincoln Center? Best little thrift store I'd never find without a guide? Designers I need to learn about? FOOD CARTS?

Let me know in the comments so I don't miss anything awesome during my journey.

Bonus points: If you're a blogger or fashion folk who is traveling from our area to go to Fashion Week, please let me know. It's great to meet new people along the way and I'd love to learn about what you do.

P.S. I have forbidden myself from starting to pack until next week. Forbidden. Hold me to it.


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