Monday, January 24, 2011

Official National Swap Day recovery post

Phew! I'm still reeling over the photos, tweets, etc. etc. from Saturday. There's a survey available for those of you who attended, as it's always good to learn from this experience for the next swap that I hope to plan. If you haven't received an e-mail through EventBrite with the survey information, drop me a line and I'll pass it on.

So far, it looks like we'll be working on the following for the next swap: Having more space, more racks and hangers, and a little more time to sort so that everyone can see what's up for grabs and find the best steals for them.

At the same time, I have to give kudos to the women who had eternal patience during the event. I hope it paid off for all of you!

If you want to take a peek into some of our attendees closets.....
InDCFashion got some work clothes
Jen made some new friends
Think & Grow Chick shares her new designer items
Bibliomomia really made out, and provides an informative how-to
Daisy shows off what she got while volunteering
Volunteer Kaarin has a video and pics
Nicole came by to take some photos, which are on The Feast
Meg writes about her experience

If you blogged about the day or posted pictures of your new outfits, please share!

It wouldn't have been a success without our tireless volunteers, so here's how to get in touch with some of the Swap Day ladies you may have met (they are very connected ladies):
Jackie (Nana!)
Daisy/Lanyapi Designs
Kaarin/Closet Caucus

And really, this all came about because of the ladies of Amy and Melissa, originally of The Swapaholics, provided an amazing amount of support, ideas, and calming words.

Oh and hey guys. I made a movie.

See you at the next swap!


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