Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great success in alterations

Sometime in the fall, I bought this jumper from my favorite Etsy seller, Tialey Vintage.

Very cute, but looks a little big, right? So I did some alterations thanks to my handy sewing machine and my more handy sewing lessons, and turned it into this fine number:

I took an inch or two from the sides and shortened the hem and I'm good to go. HOORAY sewing skills.


Miranda said...

I love it, great outfit!

I wish I could sew. Maybe I'll buy a machine and teach myself.



Danielle said...

It looks awesome...great job and nice to see you!!! xx Danielle

Quarter Life said...

Thanks, Danielle and Miranda!

Miranda now I'm considering doing a post on "so you want to learn how to sew......"


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