Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who do you trust with your treasured vintage?

Taken at 14th and U, near the two suggested shops. Aww.
Last week a friend came to me with a question: who would I recommend to dry clean delicate or treasured items like vintage linens or a wedding dress?  I honestly had no clue, so I asked a few of my trusted resources.

I received one suggestion for Sun Cleaners at 14th and Rhode Island. They also have some pretty good reviews on Yelp.

I also got a glowing recommendation for U St. Organic Cleaners. After visiting their website I am probably sold on checking this place out when I need cleaning services next.

What about you? Where do you take your items in the DC area? I'd be glad to put together a post or map of dry cleaners recommended by readers and/or business owners.


Danielle@Fresh Quince said...

A huge thank you for doing the leg work b/c I have the most gorgeous vintage black laced ball gown that I am terrified to have cleaned!!!!

Quarter Life said...

I'm hoping to get a few more suggestions so that we can have options for folks in all areas of the city along with the 'burbs, so stay tuned. Now that I'm adding more delicate vintage to my wardrobe I'm more concerned with keeping it in tip-top shape.

Thanks for reading and for your comments, Danielle!

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