Friday, September 24, 2010

Field Trip: Second Chance Boutiques

4920 Fairmont Avenue

Bethesda, MD 20814

I definitely visited Second Chance a month ago, but I had such a good trip that I have felt some major guilt about delaying my report.

If you're not already in Bethesda during the day, you'll have a hard time catching this shop during the week, as the only evening hours are on Thursday. I managed to squeeze in a stop on a Wednesday afternoon, when there was a good bit of traffic in and out of the store. 

Second Chance is certainly a high-end consignment shop.  There was some major eye-bugging going on as I gawked at some of the items and their prices.  But I am fully aware that the prices are just a fraction of what this stuff costs on the runway.  The most expensive items are found directly in front of the cash register.  These are the best of the best labels in the store.  As you walk further into the store, you'll find a circular rack full of the store's latest acquisitions, which makes for easy, quick browsing if you have the opportunity to pop in on a regular basis.

I would never ever wear these, but I sort of love them.
Anchors, you know.
Everything else is sort of all over the place.  There is organization of tops, bottoms, dresses, etc., but each rack has a good mix of brands. Second Chance actually takes up two storefronts, but I was assured that there is no bias toward which brands appear on which side of the store.  It's more of a space issue than anything.

AND SURPRISE THERE ARE MEN'S CLOTHES.  Guys, do you want a reeeeeeally nice suit?  Check out the back of the left side of the store.  You'll be lookin' sharp.

Ahhhh Chico's sighting!  Run away!

Second Chance is a consignment store.  I have absolutely nothing to offer up for consignment, so I just shopped.  And here's what I got:

Steve Madden patent pumps, $10 in the shoe sale bin!


Back view, la ti da.
A little tailoring for fit and I'll be good to go in this baby.  I was elated.  That's all I can say.

Bottom line: if you're looking to splurge on something divine, Second Chance is a good bet.


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