Friday, August 6, 2010

Washington Post guest blogger takes the guesswork out of paying for an internship wardrobe

The Washington post launched "Intern City" this week, a weak attempt at becoming a Post-run Facebook that would have been more relevant three months ago.

But we do give a big thumbs up to Ilana Strauss, a guest the Campus Overload blog who writes about affording a professional wardrobe.

She advises that young professionals have the following in their closets (you'll know which items are for the men versus the ladies):
*Two pairs of business pants
* A business skirt
* One or two business jackets that match the pants
* Four or five professional shirts. For guys, these are generally button-down.
*Three or four ties.
* One or two pairs formal shoes or sandals in black.

Strauss says you can get a starter-professional wardrobe for $50-60 if you shop at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or other thrift stores.

She's right.

Kudos to this savvy young shopper! What awesome pieces have you found while thrifting for a work wardrobe?


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