Thursday, August 19, 2010

Field Trip: Frugalista

3069 Mt. Pleasant

I've heard things about Frugalista.  I once had a coworker who raved about the place, but could never recall the name of it. So I never figured out where she got all her cheap, amazing designer clothes. I suspected she didn't want to give away her secret. I finally realized: Frugalista.

The store has apparently recently experienced a transformation from straight-up thrift to something a little more picky. But as a first-timer last weekend, I wasn't disappointed.  It's easy when you're a latecomer.

It went down like this: we had finally launched TBD, we were downright exhausted, and we finally had a day off.  For Julie and me, it was time to go shopping.  Shopping!

Julie wore this dress for a whole weekend before we launched.
It was time for something new.

Shoes are $17 a pair, which will make you think twice before picking up a pair of used kicks—are they really worth buying secondhand? You can get new shoes at Target or Payless for less than $17, but if you find a really nice pair, go for it.

Most of the stuff at Frugalista is going for prices between $5 and $15. There are a few exceptions: the really expensive designer stuff, which is still semi-expensive for any thrift shopper at Frugalista; and the amazing sale stuff.  When we were there, all skirts marked $7 were on sale for $2.  TWO DOLLARS PEOPLE!  That was exciting. Except we didn't find any we liked. Oh well.

We brought MC along for the ride, because a picture may or may not have surfaced that made the women of the world reconsider his wardrobe. Jeezy creezy we were embarrassed. MC did a lot of browsing, a lot of questioning of fabrics and patterns, and a lot of trying on. But everything he liked had a stain, so all he got was a pair of shorts. Oh well. 

Here's what I got for $35: two shirts suitable for work, a strapless dress with pockets, and a really risque yellow dress/top/sheer thing. I wore it that night for an outing that turned into a house party, is all I can say.  Julie was able to locate an exact double of a dress she bought many moons ago and wore so much that it fell apart.  No joke. 

Verdict? Pretty badass.  Worth the wander to Mt. Pleasant. 


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