Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad Men Party Looks: Ladies' Night

Summertime looks!
Okay ladies, it's time to figure out what the heck you are wearing for the Mad Men season 4 premiere on Sunday night.  Get ready to show off those summertime looks from the past!

Get Trudy's floral look.  Hat optional.
The following dress is more expensive than we'd ever plan for, at $100+.  But it shows a few features you can look for in the thrift store: bright florals, a pleated skirt, and neckline details.

From Etsy user 13bees

Here's another dress with an interesting neckline, if you're going for the summer-office look.  The light material will keep you comfortable well past the end credits.

from Etsy user pineapplemint

But while we might love the full skirts of the '50s, prepare yourselves for some new fashion trends in the coming season.  Mod style is about to hit hard, so get ready for slimmer silhouettes and—dare we say it—mini skirts.  This dress has touches from both decades, and pearls are always ladylike.

From eBay user atomic_love_vintage

Want to do something different for the premiere?  Wear pants.  Try a slim pant with heels and a breezy top to embrace that elegant housewife vibe.  These Pucci pants are certainly eye-catching:

From eBay user restoreitman

What about accessories?  We say skip the hat.  Instead, focus on jewelry: big bangles, belts, and fun clutches.  Plus, if you scratch the hat, you can wear a fun hairstyle like Betty's:

Okay, maybe we can't all be adventurous hairstylists.  But don't be afraid to show off some over-the-top hair to really finish off your ensemble.

Got a good outfit?  Let us know—we'd love to see it.


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