Monday, July 19, 2010

Mad Men Party Looks: Gentlemen First

The season premiere of Mad Men is right around the corner, much to the excitement of fans and fashionistas. If you're hosting a premiere party or attending one, it's only natural to dress for the party. You don't have to emulate a single character to a T, but you can look like a 1960s fashion plate with a little cash and a little imagination.

For a fun change of pace, let's start with the men. You know you're excited!

Looking like these guys doesn't seem so hard—just throw on a suit and you're done, right? Not so fast. Remember that this premiere is coming in late July, and DC isn't exactly known for its dry heat. So think beyond the suit and try to conjure up something that one of these fine gentleman would wear to a party.

A few looks to ponder, after the jump.

If you're going to go the traditional route of a suit or blazer, don't be afraid of color. This green is subtle, but different. It's got fun buttons, too.

From eBay user Earth Aware
For a little more "pop," try some pinstripes. Double-breasted blazer? Sure—no vest required.

From eBay user kabirkhan63
If you're feeling adventurous, there's always...well...yeah.
From Etsy user DJVV

You may want to try something more casual, in a futile attempt to beat the heat. This button-down is barbecue-ready, but not a total bowling alley statement.

From Etsy user yesterdazed

Whatever look you choose, remember my friends: accessories are important. Whether you're going with a skinny tie, an old-school pocketwatch, or even a hat (remember, guys, we're looking at the post-Kennedy years), embrace what you choose to really rock the look.

from Etsy user lizcolrick

A few tips before you hit the racks:
—Know the discount days at your local thrift stores to capitalize on your costume plans
—If an item is even a little bit out of your budget, consider if you'll wear it after the premiere has ended. Don't buy it unless you'll get some use on a regular basis.
—If you're browsing online, like me, keep shipping costs and delivery times in mind. It's a bit too late for you to scour eBay or Etsy, but they can be helpful to develop ideas.

Have fun, boys. If you come up with a good ensemble, we'd love to see it.


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