Monday, May 3, 2010

Field Trip: Second Time Around

3289 M Street NW
Washington, DC‎ 20007
(202) 333-2355

Consignment: Yes
Vintage: Some
Local Designers: No
Sammy and I dressed for two different seasons.
She was right.  It was warm.

Last weekend was a very special one as our fellow Pennsylvanian Sammy was in DC!  After having a fantastic time as a beautiful bridesmaid, she spent Sunday afternoon traipsing around Georgetown with yours truly.  After a nice lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso, we went across the street to Second Time Around.  

You'll remember that we stopped into another one of Second Time Around's many northeastern locations while visiting Boston earlier in the month.  But while Newbury Street and M Street cater to the same crowd, we were more excited about the selection in Georgetown.  

We were pleased to find a vintage-specific rack right inside the door as we entered.  It was a matter of minutes before Sammy found a delightful violet dress and couldn't resist the urge to try it on.

While she was in the fitting room, I bee-lined for the 70-percent-off racks.  If you're looking for separates or sets to add to your 9-to-5 wardrobe, those racks are a great place to start.  There were great discounts throughout the rest of the store as well, thanks to the trusty colored-tag system usually seen thrift stores.  

Sammy hemmed and hawed over whether to splurge on the dress for her own growing vintage wardrobe, but seeing our reaction and that of the sales associates, she knew she had to jump on it. All in all, the splurge cost her less than $30. 

If you're in the neighborhood, I say stick to the discount racks and tags at Second Time Around to score yourself a designer bargain.  

While we were in the neighborhood, we popped into Annie Creamcheese so Sammy could feast her eyes on all the amazing vintage goods.  It has come to light that Sammy has a weakness for hats, and we loved a pink one, be-flowered and ready for a day in town.  We all tried it on.  It was a popular hat.

More photos from our shopping trip and stroll on the Georgetown Waterfront, after the jump.

Sammy's roommate, Jesse, was very patient while we shopped...we rewarded him with ice cream.

Sammy considers trying on the purple dress while friend Kelly looks on.

So cute!

Looks like a winner to me!

The ridiculously awesome hat atop my frizzy, swampland hair

Sammy's amazing vintage stunna' shades

Look at her having a great time!  Come back soon, Sammy!


Jesse North said...

I just want it to be known that I too tried on the pink hat.

It was interesting to watch you ladies tear through the racks and evaluate. And it's a good thing you did reward me with ice cream in the end, because before we got there, I thought Annie Creamcheese was a dessert store.


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