Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Field Trip: Meeps

2104 18th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20009

In the past few months, we've gotten a few questions about where the guys can bulk up their vintage wardrobe in DC. I finally have the answer: Meeps.

I'll admit that I was underwhelmed after a round through Meeps on a late Sunday afternoon. And then I looked around and realized what my problem was: I was out of women's clothes. And there were still tons of men's clothing. And I could not wear that stuff.

And so, while Meeps gets a nod for its beautiful vintage frocks and locally-designed pieces, it really gets the award for menswear. I should have known--when we walked in, the store was swarming with dudes. There's a nice selection of casual clothing, blazers, and all sorts of separates. Guys, make sure not to miss the second-floor loft: it's got quality vintage suits and tuxes. You'll also find some shoes and boots up there.

When it comes to prices, Meeps' tags are about average for the area. Budget about $30 for vintage separates, and $60-$80 for something more fancy. Meeps also gets a nod of approval for its local designs. We found a whole rack of repurposed, recycled skirts, tops and dresses. Recycled! And local! Gotta love this store for supporting the recycled lifestyle.

Bottom line: Men. Here. Now.

My partner in crime considered this cute recycled skirt.

A view from the loft overlooking the store


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