Sunday, April 11, 2010

Field Trip: Treasury

1843 14th St. NW
Second Floor
Washington, DC 20009

Next up on my "Spring on U Street" tour is Treasury, a second-floor shop that I happened upon by foot, instead of by Google. But don't be shy--just walk right past the first-floor barbershop and up the stairs to a true vintage paradise.

The first thing that caught my attention in this shop was the atmosphere. This place is vintage to a T and embraces the movement from floor to ceiling. The natural light from the large windows brings out the beauty of every piece, and we all know that everything--from clothing to makeup to flowers--looks better in natural light. Everyone loves a little vitamin D.

Treasury is not a consignment shop; most of its inventory comes from private collections and estate sales. But every now and then, they'll spring for a beautiful, interesting piece. If you have something that might be of interest, definitely contact them before traipsing over there with a garment bag to see if it fits Treasury's bill. Since it's not consignment, you can trust that everything is hand-selected by vintage experts that really care about curating quality pieces.

The shop is small, so you might imagine that the men's section is even smaller. But there is a sweet selection for the gents, and there is a wide variety of accessories for men and women. The shop also has curios--unique items--so don't be surprised if you see old political buttons or other odds and ends.

My favorite part of my visit was learning about all the old-fashioned touches in the store. All the tags and labels are hand-typed on an ancient typewriter behind the register (there's another one for sale that we've pictured here). All the tags and shopping bags are hand-stamped with the Treasury logo. The jewelry and accessory displays have typed signs as well. If you look closely, some of the tags have little tips or comments typed on them by the staff. If you find one, you're lucky--it's like a fashion fortune cookie.

Another plus at Treasury? They've got a part-time seamstress that will alter a piece that you love right there in the store. If you need a better fit or have a different vision for a piece (think hemming up a skirt a few inches), Kristen Swenson can take care of those delicate vintage pieces that need some extra care. We bought a piece from Treasury that we immediately damaged (go us). We'll be posting a quick fix shortly, but we'll probably be contacting Treasury and Kristen for some lasting advice and guidance.

Treasury is a joy--you simply must go and relish in the beauty of vintage.

More photos after the jump.

Bird-themed jewelry is hot right now. Get in on the trend with a piece from yesteryear (third from left).

A little something for the boys. I nearly bought the KLM bag for myself.

Minty blue-green typewriter....that still works!

This dress was hiding out on the 50 percent off rack.

We're going to put this antique umbrella in the "curios" category! So cool-check out the jeweled handle.


ustreetgirl said...

Oh I know that umbrella, I've visited it many times. It is fabulous, though I could never consider paying that much for something that I'd never use. Love Treasury, enjoying reading your blog!

Quarter Life said...

I would be afraid to lose an umbrella that pretty, or that I'd ruin it in a bad storm. It's definitely best suited for decor only!

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