Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Other News: Decorate for Less

WalletPop "College on a Dime" blogger Zac Bissonnette has a great post about vintage dorm room decor on the cheap. The best part? It's all green-friendly, since no new products were made in the designing of your rad room. Zac is a college student himself, so I can't help but wonder if vintage goods are making waves in dorm rooms across the country.

If it's housewares you seek, he has this sage advice:
Old glasses: If you need plates, cups, and glasses for your dorm room, please, please, please: Do not buy this stuff at WalMart! There is so much excess dinnerware sitting in garages, thrift shops, and flea markets that it should be several decades before anyone buys this stuff new. Whether your style is stoneware, vintage kitsch, or modern, you can get better quality for a lot less money buying used. Any decent-sized thrift shop will have a good selection.

As for my own decor, I recently scored this old enormous thermos at ye olde Value Village. I think I will have it available at the upcoming Quarter Life Closet sale, to inspire a little vintage decor! It looks much cooler in person, I promise. The soft orange flavor is just so homey!


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