Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Field Trip: Posh

1828 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 460-2100

Posh is the new kid on the block, debuting in late October across the street from DC dining staple Lauriol Plaza. But if you have any concerns about the quality of owner Julie Visperas' inventory, leave your worries at the door. She's got more name brands than a Fergie song.

This past summer, she proposed the idea of a consignment shop that didn't forget the male demographic to her boyfriend. At the time, he scoffed at the idea.

She said that most of the items in her store are about 65% off the retail prices, and while it's an upscale place, there's something for every budget level. Many pieces are brand new with their original tags. If you're looking to splurge at a discount, you'll be right at home among racks of True Religion and Seven for All Mankind jeans. There are Gucci boots and Louis Vuitton shoulder bags. (I told you this place was going to sound like a Fergie song.) She has a few vintage items, but most of the inventory is more modern.

The stylish man will feel at home at Posh, where the menswear is front and center in the small shop. From jeans to blazers to tailored suits, get ready to look good. During our visit, a man came by with a variety of clothing to consign, adding to the collection near the front door.

Visperas prefers that consigners make an appointment so she can meet them personally. She goes through each item with consigners and ensures mutual agreement on prices. She was well-stocked with jeans at the time of our visit, but she would like to see more evening gowns on the racks.

Consigners get half the dough on a sale, but have the opportunity to make a donation if their pieces sit on the racks a little too long. Visperas works with the Women's Collective, which provides HIV prevention and management services and support for women and their families.

"I'm blessed to get through the door," Visperas said, crediting the store's early success to word- of-mouth advertisement. "The response and support from the neighborhood has been amazing."

When you're done your holiday shopping and the only person left on the nice list is yourself, head over to Posh. No one needs to know it's not brand new.

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