Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thirft Tip: Buy Now, Wear Later

Thrift stores don't change their stock with the seasons like other stores do. Yes, there is some movement as the winter coats come out of storage and the swimsuit collection dwindles and vice-versa. But whatever the season, rest assured that you'll always be able to find something for the complete opposite.

If an out-of-season item fits--and is likely to still fit in a year--consider it. If the price is right, it may be worth stowing something away for later. In the case of this dress, I found it in August and wore it to a bridal shower and a wedding rehearsal dinner in the span of a week (separate crowds, I promise). After a hand-wash, it's going in the back of the closet until Memorial Day, when I'll be pulling it out every chance I get.

Label: Ann Taylor
Location: Value Village, Hyattsville
Look: Seersucker for your preppiest days
Likewise: Do it with patent white accessories if you dare, or brighten the look with a clutch or flats in a bold color. Pearls are a must.


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